Cryptocurrency NewsOver 100,000 ChatGpt User Data Sold and Exposed

Over 100,000 ChatGpt User Data Sold and Exposed

According to a cybersecurity firm based in Singapore, more than 100,000 login credentials for the popular artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT have been leaked and sold on the dark web over the past year.

The findings, shared in a blog post by Group-IB on June 20, indicate that between June 2022 and May 2023, approximately 101,000 compromised logins for OpenAI’s flagship bot were traded on dark web marketplaces.

The login details were discovered in the logs of malware designed to steal information. The month of May 2023 recorded the highest number of ChatGPT-related credentials available on illicit online platforms, with nearly 27,000 being offered for sale.

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In terms of compromised logins available for sale, the Asia-Pacific region accounted for the largest share, representing approximately 40% of the total number of logins over the past year, which was close to 100,000.

Among the specific countries, Indian-based credentials ranked first in terms of the highest number of compromised logins, surpassing 12,500. The United States came in sixth place with nearly 3,000 leaked logins available online. Following the U.S., France secured the seventh position globally and took the lead in Europe for the highest number of compromised logins.


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