Cryptocurrency NewsNASA, Lonestar, and Isle of Man Collaborate for Next-Gen Moon Missions

NASA, Lonestar, and Isle of Man Collaborate for Next-Gen Moon Missions

The Isle of Man in partnership with Lonestar, a tech startup based in Florida is collaborating with NASA to develop a data storage solution on the Moon. This solution will utilize technology to ensure the security and authenticity of the stored data. The plan is to send a payload containing “data cubes” to the Moon in February 2024. Once the data reaches Earth it will be verified and authenticated using blockchain technology.

If this project is successful the blockchain technology used will provide proof of human presence on the Moon during NASAs upcoming manned mission called Artemis 3 scheduled for 2025. Before that mission takes place Artemis 2 will be launched in November 2024. This mission will involve orbiting the Moon with four astronauts on board before returning to Earth. It serves as a rehearsal for the anticipated lunar landing that will happen during Artemis 3.

Lonestar and the Isle of Man are working together on this groundbreaking initiative to establish long lasting lunar storage systems during NASAs Artemis missions. These systems will be powered by energy and won’t require any additional infrastructure.

According to a report from BBCs Science Focus this experiment involves creating ” franking” or digital stamps that are stored within these lunar data cubes. Once these stamps are placed on the Moons surface their integrity and completeness will be confirmed through verification here on Earth.

Thanks to blockchains nature future astronauts who land on the Moon can use these data cubes for various purposes such, as lunar check ins.
Interactions like these can be verified using technology, which could potentially address any future conspiracy theories surrounding Moon landings. Although NASA has faced difficulties in countering conspiracy theories related to lunar missions between 1969 and 1972 it is anticipated that blockchain will provide indisputable proof, for upcoming human lunar landings.


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