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Miss Universe Organization Disavows Ties to ‘Miss Universe Coin’ and Labels It a Scam

The Miss Universe Organization has refuted claims of any involvement with a cryptocurrency named “Miss Universe Coin” that was introduced at the recent Philippine Blockchain Week (PBW). Donald Lim, who spearheads the group overseeing PBW, previously asserted that they would roll out the “Miss Universe Coin.” Yet, in the aftermath of this announcement, the official Miss Universe body disassociated itself from this coin initiative, branding it deceptive.

On September 22, the organization’s official Facebook channel emphasized that neither the Miss Universe Organization nor JKN Global Group, the enterprise behind the pageantry, has ties with the cryptocurrency introduced at PBW. The organization has expressed its intention to explore all legal avenues concerning this breach. The official statement highlighted, “Neither a Miss Universe cryptocurrency nor a blockchain proposition exists, and neither impacts the voting or contestant selection procedures of the Miss Universe or Miss Universe Philippines contests.”

A spokesperson from the Miss Universe Organization told Cointelegraph that the Miss Universe Coin is deceitful. They cautioned about potential references to this coin at impending blockchain summits in places like Dubai and Singapore. The representative implored, “If it’s mentioned there, please abstain from giving it attention; it’s a scam.”

PBW, through a post on X (previously known as Twitter), revealed they are liaising with all relevant entities and will furnish updates shortly.


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