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Cryptocurrency mining news

Cryptocurrency mining news column contains the latest and the most interesting news of the cryptocurrency mining sphere. Mining news is about new mining hardware that appears on the market and their characteristics. As cryptocurrency mining itself is divided into two large groups – using graphical processing unit (GPU) or application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), mining news covers both GPU and ASIC mining hardware news. Cryptocurrency mining is the backbone of cryptocurrencies that use Proof-of-Work algorithm and it is the thing that keeps the blockchain running, that’s why cryptocurrency mining news always contains blockchain news and normally, but not always, bitcoin or altcoin news.

As most of the cryptocurrency is community-driven, cryptocurrency mining news sometimes contains articles about the impact of mining on the community. Recently, ASIC mining became the issue that causes lots of disputes argues about the influence of this type of cryptocurrency mining on the cryptocurrency network. ASIC is a specifically-built set of chips that is normally capable of mining the specific coin with the exact type of mining presets. Unlike GPU mining, ASICs cannot follow the network changes but are high-performance devices. So-called ASIC wars is the subcolumn of mining hardware news that contains articles about how developers of some coin try to withstand the threat that ASICs bring into the cryptocurrency world – centralization and the 51% attack possibility. This type of cryptocurrency mining news is full of arguable decisions.

The latest cryptocurrency mining news are of the highest importance for the crypto world as this young industry is developing really fast and the future of cryptocurrency depends on it.

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The latest cryptocurrency mining news and mining hardware news

TGE launched production of industrial miner "Reactor"

TGE launched production of industrial miner “Reactor”

TGE Company has developed and launched the serial production of the "Reactor" mining platform, which can significantly improve the economic effect of the industrial...

Chinese producer of miners plans to collect $ 1 billion on IPO

The manufacturer of equipment for mining, Canaan Creative, under the Avalon brand, which produces up to 20% of all ASIC-miners, plans to raise $...
GPUs And ASICs A Never Ending Battle For Mining Supremacy

GPUs And ASICs – A Never Ending Battle For Mining Supremacy

Since Bitcoin’s inception in 2009, cryptocurrency mining has been popular both for average enthusiasts and hardcore fanatics. In the early days there was no such...

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