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British Columbia Supreme Court Approves Merger Between Hut 8 and USBTC

The British Columbia Supreme Court has given the final judicial green light for the merger between Canadian Bitcoin mining heavyweight Hut 8 and U.S....

USBTC to Host 8,500 Bitcoin Miners from Distressed Crypto Lender Celsius as Part of Larger Deal

US Bitcoin Corp (USBTC), a data center operator, has confirmed that it will house 8,500 Bitcoin mining machines from the financially troubled crypto lending...

Bitdeer completes its Bhutan mining facility

Bitdeer, a platform offering crypto cloud mining services, has successfully finished constructing its latest mining facility in Bhutan. In late July, the company acquired...

Enhancing BTC Mining Efficiency: Tether’s Innovative Software

The main objective of the newly introduced Tether BTC mining software is to optimize the management of mining capacity, enhancing the efficiency of operations....

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