Cryptocurrency NewsMicrosoft's Potential Plan to Integrate Crypto Wallet Support Across Upcoming Devices

Microsoft’s Potential Plan to Integrate Crypto Wallet Support Across Upcoming Devices

According to a report, from Axios there are indications that Microsoft upcoming hardware products might have improved features for supporting wallets. This information was revealed from documents made public during the battle between Microsoft and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission regarding their proposed $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

The documents suggest that Microsoft has plans to introduce a range of hardware devices, including gaming consoles, smartphones, web browsers, PCs and a new cloud system. Of interest in the world is the expectation that these devices will offer enhanced support for crypto wallets.

In the web3 realm crypto wallets serve a purpose as physical wallets but without actually storing cryptocurrencies themselves. Instead they hold the keys required to access crypto addresses on various blockchains.

It’s important to note that Axios cautioned about changes in these plans since the release of those documents and Microsoft has not yet provided a comment on this matter.

However if a tech giant like Microsoft indeed integrates support for wallets across its product lineup it could significantly contribute to wider adoption of cryptocurrencies. Simplifying web3 services for those who’re unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies is crucial, in realizing the use that proponents of this technology envision.


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