Cryptocurrency NewsMiami Mayor Francis Suarez Plans to Incorporate Bitcoin into Presidential Salary

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez Plans to Incorporate Bitcoin into Presidential Salary

In an exclusive conversation with The Block, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, who is also eyeing the presidency, disclosed his plans to incorporate Bitcoin into his presidential salary. Suarez, who already receives part of his mayoral salary in Bitcoin, is optimistic about expanding this model if he becomes President. He asserts that cryptocurrencies could offer a safeguard against the economic and political volatility that affects traditional currencies.

As a proponent of Bitcoin and blockchain technologies, Suarez is committed to making Miami a global center for crypto initiatives. This perspective sharply contrasts with critics who are wary of digital currencies.

Suarez aims to promote not just technological progress but also financial inclusivity and equitable wealth distribution by adopting cryptocurrency payments. His stance is in line with an emerging inclination among politicians to consider the possibilities of crypto. Although some influential figures like former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden have expressed concerns, Suarez remains unshaken in his belief that Bitcoin is a legitimate alternative to conventional financial systems.

Suarez’s willingness to accept campaign donations in Bitcoin further underscores his forward-thinking approach. He is part of a growing number of presidential hopefuls, such as Robert Kennedy Jr. and Ron DeSantis, who are also open to Bitcoin. DeSantis, a Republican and the Governor of Florida has attracted attention for his strong endorsement of Bitcoin as a personal financial right.


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