Cryptocurrency NewsMetaMask Resolves Mobile App Glitches, Urges Update to Latest Version

MetaMask Resolves Mobile App Glitches, Urges Update to Latest Version

Users of MetaMask’s mobile app version 7.9.0 briefly encountered transaction issues, which were resolved with a recent update from the developers. MetaMask has urged its mobile users to upgrade to the latest version, 7.10.0, to avoid these problems, which only affected a small number of users, as noted in their November 14 update.

Reports from some MetaMask users mentioned disappearing transactions across various blockchain networks. They were unable to see swap activities or track completed trades on block explorers like Etherscan. MetaMask has also instructed users with ongoing issues to reach out to their support team for assistance.

MetaMask, known for its Ethereum wallet services, now supports multiple layer-1 blockchains, including Bitcoin, and offers crypto-to-fiat conversion options for Ether. The company also enables purchasing ETH through PayPal.

As of August 7, MetaMask was the leading hot wallet for self-custody, boasting over 22 million installations, significantly more than rivals like Coinbase and Binance, as per Coingecko data.

In a separate incident, Apple’s App Store temporarily removed MetaMask, but this issue was quickly addressed, as reported by


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