Cryptocurrency NewsMax Keiser: the future is only in Bitcoin and Monero

Max Keiser: the future is only in Bitcoin and Monero

According to the popular TV presenter Max Keiser, only two cryptocurrencies and have great prospects – Bitcoin and Monero (XMR).

Keiser is known as an ardent supporter of Bitcoin. He had repeatedly stated earlier that the BTC would not only soon become the best form of capital preservation, but would also be a symbol of the global revolution.

The essence of the revolutionary changes is to create a qualitatively new world, where financial regulators will not have any power over the market, which will be completely decentralised.

Now the presenter believes that in addition to Bitcoin, the Monero coin will be able to occupy a dominant position in the cryptosphere thanks to the implemented system for ensuring the confidentiality of transactions.

Keiser stressed:

I do not know how Bitcoin will cope with this (with competition), but if it does, then of all the confidential coins, only Monero will lead. In fact, we will have a system in which Bitcoin and XMR will act as the leading cryptocurrency

At the same time, Max Keiser notes that Bitcoin will remain out of competition anyway and will retain the status of digital gold, and Monero will only help to improve BTC technology.

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