Cryptocurrency NewsLightning Labs releases tools letting AI transact and hold Bitcoin

Lightning Labs releases tools letting AI transact and hold Bitcoin

Lightning Labs, a development firm focused on the Bitcoin Lightning Network, has introduced a new set of tools that facilitate artificial intelligence (AI) applications to transact with Bitcoin on the network’s layer-2 solution. The toolkit, announced on July 6, enables AI applications like OpenAI’s ChatGPT to interact with the Bitcoin network, enabling them to send, receive, and hold the cryptocurrency.

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The goal of this development is to enhance the speed, affordability, and convenience of payments for AI developers. By leveraging the Lightning Network, developers can move away from traditional payment systems, which are often costly and restrictive. Additionally, this advancement allows for pay-per-use AI models on the Lightning Network, enabling more flexible and efficient payment arrangements.

Large Language Models (LLMs), such as ChatGPT, are software applications that leverage extensive datasets to generate responses and perform various tasks that closely resemble human-like interactions.

Lightning Labs expressed great enthusiasm about the new possibilities brought by the latest wave of LLM models, highlighting the potential for innovation in this exciting intersection of AI and cryptocurrency technology.

“With the tools we’re releasing today, developers will be able to build more accessible AI infrastructure for both humans and agents alike.”


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