Cryptocurrency NewsJoe Rogan and Post Malone criticize US CBDC

Joe Rogan and Post Malone criticize US CBDC

The Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) discussion has caught the attention of the entertainment sector, with notable figures like Joe Rogan and rapper Post Malone voicing their concerns. This topic was brought up during an episode of the widely popular “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, known for its massive audience of over 11 million listeners per episode. On the show, Rogan and Post Malone engaged in a conversation about CBDCs.

Rogan expressed his apprehension about CBDCs, portraying them as a potential threat to American citizens. He alluded to the risks of these digital currencies being misused for power abuse and surveillance. He even speculated about a future scenario where CBDCs could be linked to social credit scores, leading to increased government monitoring. Post Malone echoed these worries, emphasizing the potential for governments to gain excessive control over individual financial matters.

The ongoing dialogue surrounding CBDCs is gaining momentum. While supporters of cryptocurrencies advocate for decentralized financial systems to safeguard individual financial independence, politicians are also entering the fray. Ron DeSantis, the Republican nominee and Governor of Florida, pledged to prohibit CBDCs if elected. Simultaneously, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a Democratic candidate, proposed the idea of backing the US currency with assets like Bitcoin as a way to counterbalance the influence of CBDCs, which he sees as tools for government control.

As influential figures from various sectors share their viewpoints on government-issued digital currencies, the debate surrounding CBDCs continues to intensify.


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