Cryptocurrency NewsJapan Freezes Assets Linked to Hamas

Japan Freezes Assets Linked to Hamas

The Japanese government has acted decisively, freezing the assets of nine individuals associated with Hamas and a cryptocurrency trading firm implicated in funding the terrorist group. This resolution was adopted during a cabinet meeting held on October 31st, as reported by Yonhap News.

Hamas, recognized as a Palestinian militant and political group, has been locked in a protracted conflict with Israel. Japan’s Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, has categorically denounced their activities as terrorism.

The sanctions imposed by Japan are effective immediately, with the primary aim of disrupting Hamas’s financial support.

During a press conference, Hirokazu Matsuno, the Chief Cabinet Secretary, underscored the Japanese government’s unwavering commitment to obstructing the financing of terrorism.

Japan’s swift response mirrors recent actions taken by the United States. On October 18th, the U.S. government enforced sanctions on individuals and entities connected to the militant group based in Palestine.

These U.S. sanctions focused on nine individuals and one organization located in various regions, including the Gaza Strip. These measures were motivated by accusations linking them to terrorist activities.


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