Cryptocurrency NewsIonicXBT's Warning: Crypto Trading is Not a Regular Job

IonicXBT’s Warning: Crypto Trading is Not a Regular Job

In a recent X (previously known as Twitter) post, the well-known cryptocurrency analyst ionicXBT cautioned his extensive follower base against treating crypto trading as a regular job.

“Here’s why: Trading is a Business. When trading, you don’t get paid for time. You get paid for: – Trading decisions you make – The actions and processes you follow – How well you manage your risk – How well you maintain emotional control.”

He stressed that approaching trading with a job mentality is a mistake. He encouraged his followers to focus more on honing their skills rather than increasing their trading time. Additionally, he highlighted the absence of a guaranteed income or overtime pay in crypto trading, pointing out that the onus of making profits or facing losses lies entirely with the investor.


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