Cryptocurrency NewsFrom Crypto Scams to Human Trafficking in Cambodia

From Crypto Scams to Human Trafficking in Cambodia

During his investigation, into the legitimacy of Tethers stablecoin and its connection to cryptocurrency scams journalist Zeke Faux stumbled upon a revelation—a human trafficking network operating in Cambodia.

This eye opening discovery was made by Bloomberg reporter Zeke Faux, who initially engaged in conversation with a woman named Vicky Ho. Vicky presented herself as a divorced businesswoman working in the nail salon industry in New York. Gradually shifted the discussion towards cryptocurrency investment.

Suspecting play, Faux decided to continue the conversation to gather information. Vicky guided him towards a crypto trading app called ZBXS. Advised him to deposit Tether for trading purposes. However Fauxs investigation took a turn when he uncovered a human trafficking operation taking place in Cambodia.

As he delved deeper into the matter Faux realized that the “pig butchering” scam was not just about deception—it served as a front for more serious crimes. Orchestrated by organizations based in Cambodia and Myanmar this scheme targeted young individuals from Southeast Asia by promising them lucrative job opportunities. Once lured in these victims were held captive. Coerced into engaging in illegal activities, including scams similar to what Vicky was involved with.

Faux discovered that these criminal operations were centered around complexes such as Sihanoukvilles “Chinatown”, in Cambodia.
These buildings served as workplaces where numerous individuals against their will were made to send spam messages under the threat of punishment or even death. According to reports some of these workers were forcibly given methamphetamine to increase their productivity.

The findings, from Faux are not a case; recent data indicates that a significant number of people exceeding 200,000 in Cambodia and Myanmar combined are coerced into participating in fraudulent activities orchestrated by major criminal organizations. These illegal endeavors encompass not cryptocurrency scams. Also extend to online gambling. Furthermore these operations have a presence in Asian countries such, as Laos, Thailand and the Philippines.


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