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FBI Warns of Crypto Human Trafficking Rings in Asia

The FBI issued a warning about fake job advertisements that tempt people to travel to Southeast Asia, where “victims are held against their will and forced to commit international crypto scams on unsuspecting victims.”

These con artists typically advertise on social media and entice their victims with the promise of lucrative work.Upon arrival, however, victims have their passports taken and are forced to work by scamming innocent people. Additionally, if employees failed, they reportedly faced torture, abuse, murder, or being sold to another gang.

In a news statement, the FBI advised US citizens and people who were living or traveling abroad to be wary of job postings that were fake or connected to labor trafficking. The intelligence service claimed that threat actors use fraudulent job postings on social media and online job boards to target victims of employment fraud schemes, mainly in Asia.

The fake positions could be for technicians in beauty salons, call center customer service, or tech support, according to the FBI. Victims are lured in with enticing benefits, wages, and lodging.


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