Cryptocurrency NewsFBI Confiscates Record $1.7 Million in Cryptocurrencies

FBI Confiscates Record $1.7 Million in Cryptocurrencies

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently disclosed that they confiscated cryptocurrencies totaling approximately $1.7 million, sourced from diverse platforms, inclusive of Binance accounts.

This seizure encompassed $147,000 in Bitcoin, Ethereum valued at $800,000, USDT worth $307,000, DAI at $469,000, and Monero totaling $20,000. Significantly, in the Eastern District of Virginia alone, the FBI secured 428.5 ETH, translating to almost $781,000 – setting a new precedent with a single capture amounting to $463,000.

This operation was conducted in line with federal regulations. The FBI emphasized that these assets were seized for potential federal forfeiture due to infractions against the federal law.

The report further mentions additional confiscated items like bank-held US currency, premium attire, and high-end automobiles.


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