Cryptocurrency NewsEthereum's Roadmap Emphasizes Single-Slot Finality and Cypherpunk Ideals

Ethereum’s Roadmap Emphasizes Single-Slot Finality and Cypherpunk Ideals

The roadmap for Ethereum emphasizes its focus on single-slot finality (SSF), a feature designed to make blockchain alterations irreversible without sacrificing a significant portion of the total staked ETH (at least 33%). Buterin has also shifted the Scourge priority towards fighting economic centralization in Ethereum, with a particular focus on issues like MEV and liquid stake pooling. Buterin aims to reintegrate the original “cypherpunk” values into Ethereum, as reported by These values include decentralization, open access, resistance to censorship, and reliability.

Originally, Ethereum was conceived by its CEO as a universally accessible, decentralized storage system based on peer-to-peer interactions. However, since 2017, its focus has veered towards financial applications. Buterin now intends to return to these foundational “cypherpunk” principles. He believes that recent technological advancements like rollups, zero-knowledge proofs, account abstraction, and second-generation privacy solutions are in line with these core values.

Despite some challenges, Buterin’s updated vision for Ethereum in 2024 is optimistic, with predictions like those from analyst Raoul Pal suggesting a potential ETH price increase to $5,300.

Pal, co-founder of Real Vision, predicts a significant uptrend in Ethereum’s price, based on the liquidity indicator. While he cautions that these forecasts are not certain, he remains bullish about Ethereum’s future. Pal also highlights the possible influence of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), suggesting that a Bitcoin spot ETF could pave the way for an Ethereum ETF, thereby boosting the Ethereum ecosystem.

Analysts at CryptosRUs share this positive outlook, anticipating a surge in ETH’s growth beginning in Q1 2024. This growth is expected to be driven by factors such as market sentiment, the seasonal trends of ETH and Bitcoin, and the upcoming Dencun upgrade.

In November, IntoTheBlock reported that over 75% of Ethereum addresses were profitable when ETH was priced at $2,200, with only about 22.5% experiencing unrealized losses. Ethereum’s network activity also increased significantly, with a notable rise in new and active addresses. The number of Ethereum addresses without ETH balances surged by about 74%, while those with ETH balances continue to grow steadily. Over the past 30 days, the average number of Ethereum addresses was around 102.72 million, more than double that of Bitcoin.


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