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Cake Group’s Julian Hosp Endorses Ethereum as the ‘One Coin to Hold’

Today, Julian Hosp, the CEO of Cake Group, took to Twitter to state that Ethereum has been a superior investment compared to Bitcoin for years. He commented, “If you’re looking to hold just one coin, make it $ETH.”

Recently, there’s been buzz about large Ethereum transactions moving to exchanges. This has been documented by social media accounts like Whale Alert, Wu Blockchain, and PeckShieldAlert, fueling speculation about a possible sell-off. It’s suspected that addresses linked to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin may be behind the massive transfers.

As of the latest update, CoinMarketCap shows Ethereum experienced a minor 0.08% dip in the last 24 hours, trading at $1,632.04. The coin also suffered a near 5% decline in its weekly performance.

Separately, about a week ago, John Deaton, a lawyer known for his pro-XRP stance, shared an article questioning Ethereum’s ties to China. The piece scrutinized the relationship between Dr. Xiao Feng, executive director of China Wanxiang Holding, and Ethereum in advancing blockchain technology in China. As of now, Ethereum’s leadership hasn’t responded to these claims.


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