Cryptocurrency NewsEthereum’s Dencun upgrade: the next major step in scalability

Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade: the next major step in scalability

Ethereum’s next major blockchain upgrade, known as “Dancun,” is being planned by developers, consisting of two simultaneous upgrades, namely “Cancun” and “Deneb.”

The upgrade is scheduled for release in the second half of 2023 to enhance scalability, efficiency, and security, making the Ethereum network more robust.

The primary objective of the upgrade is to increase data space or “blobs,” reduce fees for layer-2 rollups, and scale the blockchain. The proposed upgrade includes various Ethereum improvement proposals such as Proto-Danksharding, EIP-6780, EIP-6475, and EIP-1153.

Proto-Danksharding introduces new transaction types and precompiles to simplify the sharding design, while EIPs 6780, 6475, and 1153 proposed changes to the functionality of the SELF-DESTRUCT opcode, a new simple serialized (SSZ) type to represent optional [T] values, and two new opcodes, TLOAD and TSTORE, respectively.

The upgrade is being peer-reviewed, as developers are testing and refining the proposed changes while cautioning that unforeseen consequences could occur. Although eagerly anticipated, potential drawbacks, such as increased disk space requirements and data availability verification issues must be considered.

Overall, the Dancun upgrade marked a significant milestone in the evolution of the Ethereum blockchain.


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