Cryptocurrency NewsElon Musk Already Has a New Name for Twitter

Elon Musk Already Has a New Name for Twitter

Twitter is planning a significant rebranding, and this could mean some major changes for its users, especially those in the crypto community. They’re thinking of replacing their well-known blue bird logo with an “X.”

Now, not everyone in the crypto Twitter community seems thrilled about these changes. Some of them have expressed their reservations about it. Elon Musk took to Twitter on July 23 to drop some hints about the rebranding. He suggested that the platform might actually be renamed to “X” as early as the upcoming Monday. This is just the beginning of their journey towards becoming an “everything app.” As part of this rebranding, there are talks about changing Twitter’s color scheme to black, getting rid of the blue bird logo altogether, and adopting the name “X,” according to Musk’s tweets and a poll.

There might be changes coming to the website used to access the social media platform. Elon Musk confirmed that, which was originally the online address for his financial services start-up founded in 1999 and later sold to PayPal, now redirects to Twitter.

Before this change, if we look at the historical records on the Wayback Machine, used to be a simple website with just the letter “x” displayed. At different points in time, it had also redirected to Musk’s Boring Company website and had been associated with PayPal, even displaying eBay’s corporate site during the early 2000s.

Additionally, in March, Musk established the tech firm X Corp. as Twitter’s parent company, partly to realize his vision for a WeChat-like app.


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