Cryptocurrency NewsProfessional Dota 2 Players Show Openness to Web3 Integration

Professional Dota 2 Players Show Openness to Web3 Integration

While game developers appear to harbor a dislike for the integration of Web3 technology into games, professional gamers who make a living competing in gaming tournaments are more receptive to exploring blockchain gaming.

Erik Engel, a skilled Dota 2 player known as “Tofu” representing Gaimin Gladiators, shared his perspective on Web3 and its potential benefits for gamers in a statement provided to Cointelegraph.

Having earned more than $400,000 from participating in numerous major Dota 2 tournaments, Engel finds it invigorating to witness companies leveraging gaming for more than just its traditional entertainment value. He explained:

“The idea of blockchain gaming is still a new and expanding topic for most of us, and it’s something I want to explore more in the future. If it’ll improve gaming and make it even more rewarding, then that’s definitely something to look out for in times ahead.”

Moreover, according to Engel, Web3 encompasses features that truly provide tangible benefits to players, and he conveyed his enthusiasm to witness the innovative ideas that companies will bring forth in the future.

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