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Darewise Entertainment and Horizen Labs Partner to Start Groundbreaking Metaverse Token on Bitcoin

Darewise Entertainment, a company affiliated with Animoca Brands has joined forces with Horizen Labs to create the ever metaverse token on the Bitcoin network. Horizen Labs, a technology focused company will provide their expertise in token creation and advisory services.

The main goal of this collaboration is to introduce a metaverse token specifically designed for the Bitcoin (BTC) ecosystem. Both Darewise Entertainment and Horizen Labs have established themselves as players in the web3 and gaming industries and together they aim to challenge Ethereums (ETH) dominance in the market.

In sharing his thoughts on the projects vision, Benjamin Charbit, CEO of Darewise Entertainment highlighted that Bitcoin holds significant untapped potential beyond its current role as a store of value. This is noteworthy considering that Bitcoin was originally created for peer to peer transactions rather than complex smart contracts and token functionalities.

The planned token will serve as the currency within Life Beyond Darewises flagship game. It will be utilized for in game transactions like purchasing virtual assets and land.

Yat Siu, co founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands referred to this initiative as a ” moment” for Bitcoin while emphasizing the importance of high quality gaming experiences, for widespread adoption.

However there might be concerns among experts regarding the ability of Bitcoins existing infrastructure to handle transactions. Horizen Labs, a company specialized in zero knowledge cryptography will provide advisory services. Robert Viglione, the CEO of Horizen Labs expressed excitement about the collaboration. Highlighted his companys extensive experience with Bitcoin.

Although the project aims high there are challenges that must be addressed. Specifically it is crucial for the companies to demonstrate that creating a gaming ecosystem based on Bitcoin is not possible but also scalable.

Vincent Marty, the product officer at Darewise Entertainment acknowledged that they are essentially testing Bitcoins capabilities in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. He further mentioned that upcoming technological advancements to be revealed in the coming months will have impacts on Life Beyond as well, as the global metaverse and gaming industries.


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