Cryptocurrency NewsCryptocurrency Co-Founder Missing in Missouri: Unexplained Circumstances

Cryptocurrency Co-Founder Missing in Missouri: Unexplained Circumstances

The co-founder of the referral-based cryptocurrency project ONFO coin, who was reported missing in Missouri on May 21, was discovered dead on May 30 with what seemed to be a gunshot wound, however police are not currently investigating any possible foul play.

When Dr. John Forsyth, an emergency room physician and supporter of cryptography, failed to show up for his shift at the Mercy Hospital in Cassville, family members worried that he had vanished. Soon after, his family posted a social media plea for information concerning his location.

At the time, Richard Forsyth, his younger brother, told the Daily Beast that the fact that he wouldn’t miss a shift was “an immediate red flag.”

On May 28, authorities discovered Forsyth’s vehicle parked less than a mile from the hospital.

Forsyth’s wallet, passport, laptop, and work briefcase were found inside the unlocked vehicle. His brother added, “his cellphones were inside, which is also very uncharacteristic because he always has his cellphone.”


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