Cryptocurrency NewsCrypto Whale Engages in Massive PEPE Token Accumulation

Crypto Whale Engages in Massive PEPE Token Accumulation

In a noteworthy development, a prominent Ethereum ($ETH) investor has made a significant investment in the meme-inspired cryptocurrency $PEPE, a competitor to other meme tokens like $SHIB. Over the course of a month, this investor has accumulated over $1 million worth of $PEPE tokens.

As per Lookonchain, a well-known blockchain analysis service, an anonymous trader with the username OSF has acquired an astounding 173 billion PEPE tokens for 141 ETH, equivalent to approximately $261,000. Since June 14, this trader has continued to invest, totaling 536 ETH, which amounts to nearly $1.04 million, in order to acquire a total of 613 billion PEPE tokens.

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Earlier, a fortunate cryptocurrency investor has seemingly managed to turn an investment of just 0.125 ETH in PEPE into a staggering $1.14 million in just a matter of days by buying into it at the right time.

Using $PEPE2, a spin-off of PEPE, a savvy memecoin trader also managed to multiply an initial investment of around $12,000 into a whopping $1.05 million within just ten days.

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