Cryptocurrency NewsCrypto Whale Holding 10% of All SHIB Tokens Begins Massive Sell-Off

Crypto Whale Holding 10% of All SHIB Tokens Begins Massive Sell-Off

In an astonishing revelation that has caused great excitement among the Shiba Inu community, a dormant whale has emerged from its inactive state, creating a wave of astonishment. This anonymous early investor, who possesses an astounding 10.15% of the entire SHIB supply, has recently made significant moves, leading to speculation and curiosity within the community.

Known by the address “0x140,” the whale had remained inactive for an astonishing period of 157 days. However, it has now come back to life and initiated a series of unprecedented transactions. Within a mere 24 hours, the whale dispersed an extraordinary 4 trillion SHIB tokens, which is an astonishing value of $30 million, among nine newly created wallets.

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Detailed information from Etherscan has validated the authenticity of the whale’s recent actions. The whale efficiently distributed precisely 4,000,000,000,107 SHIB tokens across the newly formed wallets within the span of 24 hours. The transfers began with a modest quantity of 107 SHIB to a specific address, followed by subsequent transfers of 500,000,000,000 SHIB to eight separate addresses.

The sudden surge of activity from this influential whale has sparked speculation within the SHIB community regarding the motivations behind these transactions. With the dispersal of such a massive quantity of SHIB tokens, concerns and uncertainties are growing among supporters of SHIB.

As the market closely watches for the next actions of this whale, it becomes evident that the significance of this early investor should not be underestimated. With a 10% stake in the overall SHIB supply, this whale possesses considerable influence over the market and has the ability to cause substantial fluctuations in the price of SHIB.


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