Cryptocurrency NewsCrypto investigator ZachXBT alleges YouTube influencer Blue stole $1.5m through scams

Crypto investigator ZachXBT alleges YouTube influencer Blue stole $1.5m through scams

ZachXBT, a detective specializing in cryptocurrencies, has provided detailed information about alleged fraudulent activities involving a well-known YouTube personality called Blue or Jack. These activities are said to involve the theft of funds amounting to over $1.5 million.

Originally known for his gaming and prank videos, Blue gained a following of over 122,000 subscribers on YouTube. However, according to Zach’s Twitter account, he allegedly became involved in cryptocurrency scams in 2021.

Zach presented evidence suggesting Blue’s association with the Ethereum ENS address cool-breeze. eth, which was linked to the acquisition of a Bored Ape Yacht Club 8668 NFT in October 2022. Further investigation by Zach revealed that over 85 ETH, approximately one-third of the stolen funds, flowed into this address from addresses connected to Monkey Drainer phishing scams.

Monkey Drainer is a notorious service involved in stealing cryptocurrencies, with a reported theft record of around $24 million. The developer of Monkey announced their retirement in February, cautioning aspiring cyber criminals against getting caught up in the pursuit of easy money and recommending another service called Venom.

Zach claimed that Blue frequently boasted about his profitable scams and the acquisition of the BAYC NFT on Discord. Screenshots from internal Discord servers were provided as evidence, showing Blue tutoring others in his fraudulent tactics.

After reportedly having a dispute with Monkey over a specific phishing scam that resulted in the loss of his BAYC NFT, Blue continued his deceptive practices using new ENS addresses and other draining services, as per Zach’s findings. The illicitly obtained funds were allegedly used to make extravagant purchases, including watches, cars, and even Roblox assets.

Zach noted that Blue’s primary scamming method involved spamming Twitter with verified accounts. He provided an example of a user named @g13m falling victim to a phishing scam in July, losing nearly $213,000 worth of ETH and USDT to a counterfeit Doodles NFT site. Blue is accused of pocketing 49 ETH and $74,000 in USDT after paying the draining fee.

Zach also mentioned another case involving a user named @ystrickler, whose Milady and Squiggle NFTs were allegedly phished, resulting in a loss of approximately 12 ETH. After factoring in the drainer fee, Blue reportedly gained 10.3 ETH, which was sent to the ENS address purplelobster.eth.

Expressing his disgust at witnessing these phishing scammers flaunting their ill-gotten wealth through frivolous purchases, Zach stated that he has shared further details about Blue (Jack) with numerous victims in hopes of assisting in potential legal actions.


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