Cryptocurrency NewsMajor Corporations Set to Acquire Bitcoin in Large Quantities in the Future

Major Corporations Set to Acquire Bitcoin in Large Quantities in the Future

In a recent podcast interview, Michael Saylor from MicroStrategy shared his view that there shouldn’t be much worry about big companies buying and storing Bitcoin under their control.

During his conversation with Natalie Brunell on the Coin Stories podcast, which was published on August 7th, Saylor highlighted how it’s becoming more and more certain that outside entities and businesses will become more involved in the realm of Bitcoin.

Nonetheless, he pointed out that while those who love Bitcoin might want complete personal control and ownership of their own Bitcoin holdings, that might not be the sole solution, considering that Bitcoin is set to serve various purposes for different people.

“We need to be prepared for Bitcoin to infuse everything,” Saylor stated, explaining that as Bitcoin becomes more integrated into society, it will have many use cases, and there will not be a one-size-fits-all model.

“There are different types of wrappers. Some people will always be self-custody, some will be multisig, some will need a layer-3 custodian. There will be a need for political or utility or functionality purposes.”


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