Cryptocurrency NewsArmstrong Uncertain Whether Coinbase Will Depart the US

Armstrong Uncertain Whether Coinbase Will Depart the US

Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase, seems to have been indecisive regarding whether the cryptocurrency exchange will remain in the United States amidst the uncertain regulatory landscape.

In an article dated August 4, the Financial Times reported that Armstrong stated Coinbase is committed to staying in the United States, even as other crypto companies are contemplating leaving due to potential legal action from federal regulators. Despite facing a lawsuit from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and scrutiny from 10 state regulators, some of whom have issued cease and desist orders related to the exchange’s staking services, Armstrong claimed that leaving the U.S. is currently out of the question and there is no emergency plan in place.

However, back in April at a fintech event in London, he had reportedly mentioned that relocating the exchange’s headquarters to a more crypto-friendly country might be considered due to the lack of regulatory clarity in the U.S. Nonetheless, he later assured shareholders that Coinbase remains fully committed to the U.S. market in the long run.


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