Cryptocurrency NewsCoinbase Advocates for Clearer Crypto Regulations

Coinbase Advocates for Clearer Crypto Regulations

Coinbase recently visited Washington D.C. putting an emphasis on the importance of having clear and straightforward regulations for cryptocurrencies. This reflects the industrys demand for governance.

Coinbase along with prominent figures in the crypto world took their “Stand with Crypto” movement to Washington D.C. aiming to gain support for more transparent regulations in the crypto sector.

On September 27 a group led by Coinbases CEO, Brian Armstrong and around 40 other influential leaders from the U.S. Crypto community gathered in the city.

Their objective? To convince lawmakers to back a regulatory framework specifically designed for the digital currency industry. Previously committees primarily controlled by Republicans, such as the House Financial Services Committee and House Committee on Agriculture have shown signs towards these regulations. If implemented these rules aim to simplify compliance processes for companies by reducing regulatory hurdles.

Armstrong argues that the U.S. Should follow in the footsteps of G20 countries that have established clear guidelines for cryptocurrencies. However there have been obstacles along the way.

Some believe that ongoing disputes over budgets and the Senates focus on combating money laundering through cryptocurrencies might overshadow efforts to establish desired laws. The response to this initiative has been mixed across online platforms.

On Twitter (X) many people commend Coinbases thinking approach as crucial, for bringing about policy changes.
However there is a portion of the Reddit community that believes politicians, who are accustomed to transparent financial dealings may have concerns about the transparency at the core of blockchain technology.

The “Stand with Crypto” campaign is one achievement for Coinbase. Their recent clash with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) provided the backdrop for their trip to Washington D.C.

months prior in June Coinbase faced legal action from the SEC for allegedly violating securities laws by offering unregistered assets.

In an effort to gain support Coinbase delved into the world of fungible tokens (NFTs) using them as symbols to advocate for regulations that embrace cryptocurrencies.

However opinions within the community are divided on this matter; while some people support Coinbases initiative by purchasing NFTs others remain skeptical, about their actual impact.


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