Cryptocurrency NewsBrushfam and PolkaWorld Exit Polkadot Ecosystem

Brushfam and PolkaWorld Exit Polkadot Ecosystem

Markian Ivanichok, the founder of Brushfam recently announced his departure from the Polkadot network due to difficulties in securing funding and a perceived lack of consideration for users within the ecosystem. Ivanichok expressed these concerns in a discussion on X formerly known as Twitter.

At the time PolkaWorld, a community within the Polkadot ecosystem has decided to cease its operations. This decision was made after their request for funds from Polkadots treasury was denied. In a statement PolkaWorld raised questions about the management of the treasury under Polkadots governance model called OpenGov.

According to PolkaWorld OpenGov has negatively impacted standing contributors, to the Polkadot network. Many organizations have seen their proposals rejected by the treasury. Are now distancing themselves from the ecosystem.

PolkaWorld also highlighted the governance structure that existed before OpenGov. Under that system a council of subject matter experts elected by Polkadots DOT token holders. Approved proposals. PolkaWorld argues for reintroducing this feature into the OpenGov model, which currently places decision making power solely in the hands of DOT token holders.

Introduced this year Polkadots OpenGov model aims to democratize decision making by enabling each DOT token holder to participate in voting on various proposals.
However there are growing concerns regarding its efficacy and inclusivity.


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