Cryptocurrency NewsBrazil Embraces Blockchain for National Digital ID System

Brazil Embraces Blockchain for National Digital ID System

The Brazilian government recently announced its plans to implement technology for digital identification purposes aiming to involve over 214 million citizens.

Initially regions such as Rio de Janeiro, Goiás and Paraná will introduce identification documents using technology. This implementation is being facilitated by Serpro the nations data processing entity. According to a decree issued on September 25 the entire country is expected to embrace this blockchain enabled identity system by November 6.

Serpros president, Alexandre Amorim emphasized that the unchangeable and decentralized nature of blockchain makes it an ideal choice for Brazils ID initiative. He praised the technology for its ability to protect data and prevent fraud and commended the b Cadastros blockchain platform for enhancing the security and reliability of the National Identity Card project.

The local government views this ID initiative as crucial in combating organized crime promoting collaboration among different government sectors simplifying access to services and modernizing administrative documentation. A similar project has also been introduced in Buenos Aires, Argentina where residents can now obtain their identity papers digitally.

In years Brazil has been striving to standardize identity verification across its nearly 30 states. The introduced technology promises enhanced secure data sharing, between the Federal Revenue and various government entities as highlighted in the official announcement.
In Brazil there is a development on the horizon with the upcoming launch of a digital currency by the central bank called Drex. More information about this initiative was revealed in August. Previous reports indicate that the central bank aims to improve access to business capital through a system tied to Drex. It’s worth mentioning that a technology expert, in the country discovered that the Drex code allows for control in stopping funds or reducing balances.


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