Cryptocurrency NewsBonklerNFT skyrockets with 120.3% surge, hits all-time high of 32.8 ETH

BonklerNFT skyrockets with 120.3% surge, hits all-time high of 32.8 ETH

Following the successful sale of the initial BonklerNFT for $125,000, the cryptocurrency experienced another positive day, with its floor price increasing by 120.3% as reported by CoinGecko. These non-fungible tokens, built on the Ethereum blockchain, reached an all-time high value of 32.8 ETH ($58,666).

Allow us to introduce BonklerNFT, which currently has a price floor of $58,607, reflecting a notable 24-hour sales volume of 15.00 ETH. To date, a total of 33 NFTs have been created, owned by 24 different holders, resulting in a combined market capitalization of $1,934,039.

At its core, Bonkler is a year-long artistic experiment in the realm of finance, pushing boundaries as a trailblazing reserve-backed NFT. The Paced Generative Mint of the project unveils unique rarities gradually throughout the year, fostering intrigue and exploration within the NFT landscape.

By blending speculative aesthetics with rarity, Bonkler intentionally obscures traditional price discovery, creating an environment that captivates and engages NFT enthusiasts. Its distinguishing feature lies in the introduction of new Bonkler creations every 23 hours, enticing bidders with 0.1 ETH increments. Additionally, each minted Bonkler incorporates redeemable shares tied to its sale price.

Investors have the opportunity to redeem these shares for ETH from the Treasury, but the redemption process requires burning the corresponding Bonkler. This innovative approach adds a distinct element to the world of financial art, offering potential avenues for engagement and reward.

Despite being a relatively new project, BonklerNFT garnered attention when the first Bonkler NFT sold for an impressive 60 ETH (approximately $125,000 at that time). This initial sale projected a market cap of $50,000,000 for the collection of 400 Bonklers. The fusion of digital art and cryptocurrency showcased by the Bonkler collection demonstrates the lasting impact of NFTs in the art world, challenging the notion that art must be physically tangible.

While it’s too early to determine the long-term effects on the industry, this development marks the beginning of a shift in perception, recognizing the value of uniqueness within the digital realm.


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