Cryptocurrency NewsBitdeer completes its Bhutan mining facility

Bitdeer completes its Bhutan mining facility

Bitdeer, a platform offering crypto cloud mining services, has successfully finished constructing its latest mining facility in Bhutan. In late July, the company acquired approximately 23,000 brand-new mining machines, and an additional 7,000 machines are currently en route to the Gedu Datacenter.

Linghui Kong, the CEO of Bitdeer, conveyed through a press release that they are currently in the process of power-on testing. As of now, about 11,000 miners are operating smoothly, and an extra 15,000 mining machines were delivered to the data center in July. The company operates across three main avenues: self-mining, hash rate sharing, and hosting.

Over the recent months, Bitdeer has been collaborating with the Bhutanese government to establish its new mining facility. The company is actively working towards expanding its presence within the Southeast Asian nation. However, concerns have been raised regarding the potential environmental impact of this new mining facility.

Bitdeer is already managing mining data centers in various other countries, including the US and Norway, in partnership with Druk.


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