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End of Bitcoin Earnings: Satlantis Complies with Minecraft’s Request

Satlantis, a fan-based Minecraft server that rewarded players with Bitcoin, will soon deactivate its play-to-earn feature. This move comes after a reported demand from Mojang, Minecraft’s creator and a Microsoft-owned entity. In a recent Discord announcement, a Satlantis admin revealed this decision. They mentioned that players had the chance to earn and pull out minor Bitcoin quantities through this feature, as highlighted in a guide by Decrypt’s GG.

Another statement from the server admin, known as duhneeno, clarified that this functionality will cease by 12 p.m. ET on Monday. They also encouraged users to cash out their satoshis – Bitcoin’s smallest unit. Despite this setback, the team aspires to reintroduce this idea in a different game.

A Minecraft guide on earning Bitcoin comments, “It’s regrettable, but Satlantis will persist.” It further elaborates, “The game that rewards its participants is efficient. The hard work, funds, and effort poured into this game will not go to waste because of some decisions by big corporations. We’ll transition the Satlantis community to a platform that welcomes fresh ideas.”

Satlantis confirmed that Bitcoin withdrawals will continue outside the game post the deadline. Additionally, all earnings, in-game assets, and player statuses will transition to their upcoming gaming platform. Without the Bitcoin earning mechanism, Satlantis will remain functional indefinitely.

The Satlantis crew and representatives from Microsoft/Mojang were approached by Decrypt for comments, but there was no immediate feedback. On Discord, duhneeno added context to Mojang’s directive, mentioning, “I had no option. Mojang warned of shutting down our server if we didn’t act accordingly.”

Minecraft has recently revised its guidelines, prohibiting play-to-earn elements in fan servers. This joins their earlier restriction on NFT features. The exact timeline of these alterations is uncertain. Notably, NFT Worlds, another Minecraft initiative, faced a similar situation. After a ban on their token-centric features, they adapted by renaming to Hytopia and crafting their own game engine, resembling Minecraft.

In related news, Rockstar Games prohibited NFTs and crypto in their Grand Theft Auto V fan servers in November 2022, following a surge in servers trading NFTs for rare in-game items.


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