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MicroStrategy’s Choice: Embracing Bitcoin for Strategic Growth

Michael Saylor, the co-founder of MicroStrategy, is confident that his company will remain an attractive option for investors looking to invest in Bitcoin, even if exchange-traded fund approvals come into play in the future.

Furthermore, he confirmed that MicroStrategy intends to keep adding more Bitcoin to its portfolio, which may include the funds generated from a planned $750 million share sale.

During an interview with Bloomberg on August 2nd, Saylor expressed his belief that even with the introduction of approved spot Bitcoin ETFs, MicroStrategy will still be able to offer unique benefits and opportunities to investors that these ETFs may not provide.

During the August 1 earnings call, Michael Saylor reiterated his stance, stating that even with the arrival of spot ETFs, MicroStrategy will maintain its unique position as a distinct Bitcoin operating strategy.

He also highlighted the impressive performance of Bitcoin since the company began its purchasing strategy in August 2020, with a significant 145% increase. Saylor emphasized that MicroStrategy employs leveraged investments to generate yields, which are then passed on to shareholders, making their investment approach stand out from others in the market.

On the other hand, Saylor said spot Bitcoin ETFs would allow large hedge funds and sovereigns to come into the space with billions of dollars.

“We are a unique instrument, we are the sportscar whereas the spot ETF is going to be the supertanker.”


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