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Bitcoin User Claims Ownership of Hacked Funds in Record-Breaking Fee Transaction Involving Miner AntPool

A Bitcoin user claimed ownership of funds involved in a historic transaction, alleging they were hacked. This incident, involving miner AntPool receiving over 83...

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Reaches Record High at 67.96 T

Bitcoin mining has reached a historic peak, with mining difficulty surging by 5.07% to an all-time high of 67.96 T (terahashes). According to,...

Dan Tapiero Foresees Bitcoin Soaring Beyond $100,000: A Conservative Yet Optimistic Crypto Outlook

Dan Tapiero, the CEO of 1RoundTable Partners, a growth equity fund, predicts that Bitcoin (BTC) will exceed $100,000. He describes this as a conservative...

Bitcoin Miners Ramp Up Sales, Surpassing Monthly Output in October

During October's market upturn, prominent Bitcoin miners offloaded 5,492 BTC, which surpassed the amount they produced that month. Last month, a significant increase in the...

Bitcoin Network Faces Brief Outage

The Bitcoin network briefly went offline, failing to produce a block for about an hour on November 7th, prompting concerns over the network's stability. This...

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