Cryptocurrency NewsBinance Launches Sleepless AI on Launchpool, Merging Web3 and AI in Gaming

Binance Launches Sleepless AI on Launchpool, Merging Web3 and AI in Gaming

Binance has recently unveiled its 42nd project on the Launchpool, Sleepless AI. This innovative gaming platform merges web3 and AI technologies to deliver a novel interactive gaming experience. It features AI-driven elements within its gaming environment.

The platform’s official launch is scheduled for tomorrow. It will enable users to stake BNB, FDUSD, and TUSD, offering them the opportunity to earn AI tokens during a seven-day phase. Trading of AI tokens will commence on Binance from January 4th, with multiple trading pairs like AI/BTC and AI/USDT being available.

The total supply of AI tokens is capped at one billion, with 70 million earmarked for Launchpool rewards. This distribution aligns with Binance’s strategy to boost user engagement with the new gaming platform. The standout feature of the platform is its AI integration, which aims to enhance gaming experiences by making them more interactive and tailored to individual users.

Additionally, users can withdraw their stakes anytime and switch between the various pools available. Binance’s BNB Vault and Locked Products will also back the Launchpool, permitting BNB staked in these to automatically partake in the Launchpool and accrue rewards.


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