Cryptocurrency NewsBasel Committee on Banking Supervision Charts Course for Crypto Disclosures by 2025

Basel Committee on Banking Supervision Charts Course for Crypto Disclosures by 2025

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) has rolled out unified disclosure blueprints for leading banks concerning their crypto holdings, with a target deployment by 2025.

On October 18, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS), a conglomerate of global banking watchdogs, introduced preliminary protocols bridging the gap between conventional finance and digital currencies. They urge premier banking entities to unveil their crypto dealings by the stipulated 2025 deadline.

BCBS is confident that uniform disclosure designs will ensure seamless data interchange among banks. This uniformity stands to favor banks and also offers a transparent lens for market players to perceive banks’ crypto endeavors. As per the newly introduced protocols, banks are mandated to share descriptive insights into their crypto-based operations. Moreover, they’re tasked with revealing data pinpointing their involvement in the digital currency space, factoring in related capital and liquidity metrics.

The protocols also emphasize the need for banks to clarify the accounting groundwork for their crypto holdings and debts. The motive seems to be imparting clarity in an arena where crypto accounting standards fluctuate significantly.

Although labeled as “advisories,” BCBS’s protocols traditionally wield vast clout. Countries aligned with the Bank for International Settlements typically integrate these benchmarks into their domestic regulatory tapestry.

The Basel Committee’s stride into crypto guidelines isn’t an inaugural effort. In December 2022, they outlined directives about the capital buffers banks must allocate for diverse crypto classes. They notably advised that banks’ liaisons with certain crypto varieties—including stablecoins, tokenized assets, and unanchored cryptocurrencies—should ideally hover below one percent, capping at two percent.

BCBS is open to receiving insights on this draft until January 31, 2024. Upon approval, the financial community can anticipate these protocols to be in force by January 1, 2025.


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