Cryptocurrency NewsArkham Unveils World's First On-Chain Intelligence Exchange

Arkham Unveils World’s First On-Chain Intelligence Exchange

On July 18, Arkham Intelligence made headlines with the launch of what they assert to be “the world’s first on-chain intelligence exchange,” as reported. In a video presentation, Arkham explained that their platform will enable users to securely and anonymously trade information about various crypto wallet addresses using smart contracts.

The Arkham Intel Exchange, which completed its beta phase on July 18, aims to establish connections among on-chain analysts, traders, journalists, and researchers, thereby bridging the gap within the crypto world.

Recently, the Arkham Foundation introduced its native token called Arkham (ARKM), which was initially offered for sale on Binance Launchpad at $0.05 per token. Notably, the Arkham token sale had protective measures in place to safeguard users from market fluctuations. The launch price began at $0.50 per token but was later listed at $0.75, experiencing a 10.02% decrease in value within the last 24 hours. As of July 19, there are currently 150 million ARKM tokens in circulation, and an additional 850 million will be unlocked over eight years according to a vesting schedule.

Despite its initial success, Arkham has faced scrutiny. On July 12, a crypto reporter named Colin Wu alleged that a substantial amount of user data, including personal email addresses, had been compromised. Further accusations were made against the platform’s on-chain intelligence trading system, suggesting violations of personal privacy rights. These revelations have triggered discussions on handling sensitive user information, as well as concerns surrounding a past affiliate campaign that improperly used personal email addresses in each link.


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