Cryptocurrency NewsArgentina Leads World ID Registrations: Is the Nation Prioritizing Tech Over Privacy?

Argentina Leads World ID Registrations: Is the Nation Prioritizing Tech Over Privacy?

This tech-forward country that’s deeply into crypto has experienced a dramatic surge in World ID sign-ups—9,500 users verified in a single day!

Even as Argentine authorities scrutinize how Worldcoin manages data, enthusiasm for the service remains high.

Worldcoin’s digital ID project, which uses eye scans for setup, is so in demand that it’s now the top app on Argentina’s App Store.

At its core, Worldcoin aims to create a more inclusive global economy, targeting the 4 billion people who lack a formal digital ID.

Their World ID platform, founded on a “Proof of Personhood” credential provided by their innovative gadget called the Orb, is a game-changer. The best part? No need to disclose your name, email, or phone number.

But it’s not just Argentina that’s excited. Since its launch on July 24, 2023, World ID has seen a global uptick in user verification. Argentina’s record-setting August is just more proof of the nation’s eagerness for cutting-edge technology.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing. Privacy concerns loom large. Multiple countries, Argentina included, are scrutinizing Worldcoin’s data practices. Even before its cryptocurrency debuted in July, the project had already attracted 2 million users.

And with the company now distributing eye-scan devices, watchdogs like Germany’s Bavarian State Office for Data Protection Supervision and France’s tech regulatory body are taking notice.


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