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Trust Wallet Token’s Unexpected Rise

This week, Trust Wallet’s token (TWT), which is ranked 89th in the crypto world, shot up by 22%! That’s way more than most of the digital currency market. Just a week ago, it was trading at $0.773, but as of now, it’s at $0.946. And in the last 24 hours alone, it’s climbed by over 5%.

Interestingly, while TWT saw this impressive rise, the entire crypto market’s value barely moved, increasing by less than 0.5%, based on what we saw on CoinGecko.

The price jump seems to have been influenced by Trust Wallet’s latest update to their browser extension, which now allows for Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) swaps. Also, they’ve hinted at another surprise that they’ll be revealing soon, but they’ve kept us in the dark about what it is.

A bit about Trust Wallet: It’s a wallet that supports multiple chains and lets users have full control of their assets. They claim to have over 60 million users. A few months back, in July, they introduced a security feature that scans and assigns risk levels to transactions, warning users of possible threats. They recently shared that this feature has already saved their users a whopping $17.5 million from going into the hands of scammers!

But, while TWT has had a good week, it’s still way off its peak price. It’s down by over 65% from its highest value of $2.72 last December.


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