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How MetaMask’s Fee Algorithm Change Benefits opBNB Users

MetaMask had an issue where it was overestimating the gas fees for opBNB, but BNB Chain has shared on social media that this problem has been sorted out. Since many people just pay whatever fee their wallet suggests by default, this could’ve led to users paying more than needed.

For some context, opBNB is a second-layer solution built on Ethereum and was rolled out on September 13 by the same folks behind BNB Chain. They found out that MetaMask had been using an average from all networks to suggest gas fees, which might work well for other networks but wasn’t a good fit for opBNB. That’s because opBNB’s fees can actually be a lot cheaper compared to many other networks.

To address this, the BNB Chain team reached out to MetaMask, and the latter was cooperative and updated their fee recommendation algorithm. Now, users can see the actual costs by trying a transaction on opBNB within MetaMask, which, according to BNB Chain, often shows that their fees are more competitive.


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