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Uniswap Foundation Seeks On-chain Vote for $62M Funding

The foundation plans to allocate $15 million every year in community grants to support DeFi initiatives. Uniswap a decentralized exchange (DEX) is currently holding...

Keyrock Secures VQF Approval in Switzerland

Keyrock, a market maker based in Belgium recently announced that they have received approval from the Swiss Financial Services Standards Association (VQF). The VQF...

Hong Kong Advances Towards Stablecoin Regulation

Hong Kong is taking further steps to regulate stablecoins. After working on this for the past two years, they've recently entered a second consultation...

Gensler Holds Ground: SEC’s Firm Stance on Cryptocurrency Oversight

Gary Gensler, the SEC Chair, remains firm in his stance that the majority of cryptocurrencies and their associated companies should be governed by federal...

Binance Resumes Operations in Belgium After Addressing Regulatory Concerns

Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchange on a scale has made a comeback in the Belgian market after facing regulatory challenges in the past. On September...

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