Cryptocurrency News7-Eleven's NFT Giveaway: Free Collectibles for All

7-Eleven’s NFT Giveaway: Free Collectibles for All

Craving for some delightful digital assets? Just in time for “Slurpee Day” on July 11th (or 7/11), renowned global convenience store franchise 7-Eleven is introducing complimentary Slurpee NFTs on the Polygon network.

In a press release, Marissa Jarratt, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing & Sustainability Officer at 7-Eleven, expressed their enthusiasm for finding innovative ways to celebrate with customers on their favorite day of the year.

These sugary collectibles, exclusively available through mobile devices, take the form of a virtual 7-Eleven Slurpee cup accompanied by four flavors: Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Pina Colada, and Summertime Citrus.

“Maybe you’ll even give us some inspiration for future flavors,” Jarratt said.

Collectors can choose any or all flavors in no particular order and create the Slurpee of their (and their dentist’s) dreams.

Once the cup is filled to the brim, the subsequent screen presents the collector with two options: they can either claim their “Slurpee Vibe Digital Collectible” or go back to the previous screen to begin again.

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If the collector is content with their creation, they can choose “claim now” and proceed to the following screen, which prompts them to provide their name, email address, and telephone number. A six-digit code will be sent to the collector via email to authenticate their ownership and claim the Slurpee NFT.

As a result, a digital collectible and a new wallet on the Polygon blockchain will be generated to securely store the Slurpee token.


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