Business newsThe Unbelievable Rise of X: How Elon Musk Reshaped the Former Twitter

The Unbelievable Rise of X: How Elon Musk Reshaped the Former Twitter

Linda Yaccarino, the head of X (previously known as Twitter), shared that the company is nearing profitability—something many thought was far-fetched not so long ago.

She mentioned, “Twitter, looking at its Operating Cash Flow, is at a tipping point and is set to become profitable by early next year. What’s even better? 90% of our top advertisers are back on board, and in just the past three months, around 1,500 have rejoined us.”

When Elon Musk took over Twitter, he shook things up big time. He changed the staff dynamics, streamlined how things worked, and made some difficult calls. He even removed the debated censorship protocols, which turned many heads.

Under Musk’s watch, X got a whole new look. Remember the blue checkmark for verified users? That changed, and a new monetization strategy came in, motivating content makers and pushing for open expression. Plus, X rolled out a mind-blowing number of new features—over 100 since Musk took over.

Musk made sure X was there for its creators. It became a space where they could not only share their voice but also earn from it. And let’s not forget the rebranding, which spurred a new kind of journalism from everyday folks.

All these bold steps made a difference. Yaccarino pointed out that X’s engagement shot up, boasting 550 million users every month and a whopping 250 million daily. And video? The number of views doubled from last year. It’s safe to say, things are looking up for X.


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