Business newsCristiano Ronaldo Takes a Lie Detector Test for Binance

Cristiano Ronaldo Takes a Lie Detector Test for Binance

Cristiano Ronaldo, the iconic Portuguese soccer player, recently took a lie detector test for Binance, the world’s biggest crypto exchange. He described the experience as one of the most challenging things he’s ever done. The crypto community had a range of opinions and speculations about why Binance would put a soccer superstar like Ronaldo through this.

This lie detector event comes just two months after Ronaldo rolled out his second NFT collection, “Forever CR7: The GOAT,” on the Binance platform. Ronaldo and Binance joined forces in June 2022, signing a multi-year deal to produce NFT collections aimed at drawing Ronaldo’s massive fanbase into the world of Web3. With an impressive resume that includes five Ballon d’Ors, 850 career goals, and millions of followers on platforms like X (previously known as Twitter) and Instagram, Ronaldo is undeniably a soccer legend.

His first NFT collection, simply named “CR7,” debuted last November and featured seven animated statues categorized into four levels of rarity. The latest NFT series celebrates standout moments from Ronaldo’s career, like his unforgettable bicycle kick goal against Juventus in 2018. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) disclosed that those who own the rarest NFTs from this collection might get the chance to meet and even train with Ronaldo, with the crypto exchange picking up the travel and lodging expenses.

During the lie detector test, Ronaldo faced a series of pointed questions requiring straightforward yes or no answers, including questions about his own NFT investments. He revealed that he owns digital collectibles and plans to launch more in the future, hinting at more Ronaldo-themed NFTs on Binance down the line.

When questioned about whether his bicycle kick goal was the best he’s ever scored, Ronaldo said yes. However, the lie detector disagreed, prompting Ronaldo to double down on his opinion, explaining that while the goal was his best, others could be classified as the “most difficult” or “most beautiful.”

As for the future of his soccer career, when asked if he sees himself playing at the top level into his 40s, Ronaldo said yes—a claim that the lie detector machine verified.


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