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FTX, Trump, and the $5 Billion Dilemma: Inside the Controversial Offer

According to an interview, on CBS, Michael Lewis, the known author of books like "The Big Short" and "Flash Boys " mentioned that Sam...

OpenAI’s ‘AI iPhone’: A Revolutionary Collaboration with Jony Ive’s LoveFrom?

According to a recent piece from the Financial Times on Sept. 28, OpenAI has big plans in the works: they're aiming to create something...

The Unbelievable Rise of X: How Elon Musk Reshaped the Former Twitter

Linda Yaccarino, the head of X (previously known as Twitter), shared that the company is nearing profitability—something many thought was far-fetched not so...

Ripple Abandons Fortress Trust Acquisition

Ripple has decided not to move with the acquisition of Fortress Trust even though they had previously announced their intentions to expand their US...

Binance Resumes Operations in Belgium After Addressing Regulatory Concerns

Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchange on a scale has made a comeback in the Belgian market after facing regulatory challenges in the past. On September...

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