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I am Pratima - an incorrigible, curious and ever-evolving writer. Apart from an exciting journey in the protean terrain of Enterprise IT for 8 years (with CIOL), I have also flexed my journo-muscles in other genres with platforms like Sustainuance, Sustainability Zero and Taxinomics.I am still trying to wrap my head around this fascinating crypto-universe and its ever-changing orbits and black holes. I love understanding, dissecting, explaining and stirring up this world with my curiosity. I call my desk 221-C because, like the great sleuth, I truly believe – Questions are, often, more important than answers. So which of these four statements about me is not true? 1. I developed cold feet on my first sky-dive. Opted out. Ran for the hills, literally 2. Won the ‘The 10th PoleStar ‘Jury's Special Recognition Award in IT Journalism (2008) 3. I have, still, not seen GoT 4. I love broccoli but hate broccoli-journalism
Blockchain Not Rock-Paper-Scissors More Like Snakes-and-Ladders

Blockchain – Not Rock-Paper-Scissors. More Like Snakes-and-Ladders

IBM’s early-mover grip on blockchain may not be so easy to attack; but other enterprise champs like Oracle, Microsoft and Fujitsu are...
Hypochondriacs in a Coal Mine

Hypochondriacs in a Coal Mine

Paper-cuts are not as serious as snake-bites. We know that. Speaking of security, forks are not as scary as knives. That....

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