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WOOFi Testnet – Confirmed Airdrop

The testnet of WOOFi Pro is here, and its arrival signals that a new era of on-chain orderbook trading is on the horizon. Powered by Orderly Network, WOOFi Pro will be the first CLOB DEX to truly challenge the CEX experience, enabling anyone to access a deeply liquid, gasless, and self-custodial on-chain orderbook via EVM-friendly cross-chain deposits.

WOOFi Pro’s launch on Arbitrum Goerli brings us closer to delivering on that ambitious vision, and we want you to see what our devs have been cooking. For two weeks only, traders who test WOOFi Pro and complete our Galxe campaign will be able to claim a one-off WOOFi x Orderly: Limitless NFT and qualify for a chance to be 1 of 10 winners of 1,000 WOO tokens!

Investments in the project: $52M (Binance Labs)

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Go to website and claim some testnet USDC
  2. Perform 3 trades of any kind (any asset, any amount)
  3. Go to Galxe
  4. Complete all tasks and claim NFT ($0,1; Arbitrium)


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