AirDrops ListWeb3Go Confirmed Airdrop

Web3Go Confirmed Airdrop

Web3Go, another AI project backed by Binance Labs. It operates with very low BSC chain fees and will be conducting airdrops in the second quarter.How about starting to collect airdrop points daily by checking in and engaging in simple conversations with AI?

Investments in the project: $4M

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Go to website
  2. Connect wallet
  3. Click the golden leaf icon
  4. Mint a Web3Go Passport ($0,15;BNB)
  5. Claim everyday rewards
  6. Scroll down and complete tasks

Quiz Answers:

  • Yuliverse — A B B A A
  • Lifeform — C D D D C
  • Manta Network — A D C B C
  • SecondLive — A B B A A
  • Map Protocol — A D A B D
  • Litentry — Input your wallet address, B B A B



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